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Multidimensional Awareness Mandala Series








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Genuinely Authentic


Artwork by:  SoberDreamer (Jonx0r)

BEing genuine is the ability to act and speak in alignment with how we feel. We have all been around someone who naturally seems to flow with their words and actions in a confident manner whether it be in a positive way or negative. When it’s negative, we may even say to ourselves, or to others, how embarrassing it would be to act like that.


But what’s better?


Acting according to how you feel, even if it’s perceived as impolite, different or weird, or, always hiding within afraid to speak your truth or opinion and saying what you think is the politically correct thing to say?


When we are around someone who’s genuine, we feel their belief in their words and actions.


BEing authentic is the recognition of our divinity within, integrating it, and acting  accordingly. That’s our true identity. Everything we do while in that space is true to ourselves and the Universe. Authentic. If we move back into the egoic state of BEing we cease to be authentic allowing the mental construct of ourselves control. Everything we do in that space is inauthentic, a cosmic lie. And we can even be genuine in our in-authenticity but somewhere, deep inside, the lie is faintly felt and quietly pestering examination.


When we are around someone who’s authentic, we feel their truth in their words and actions.


BEing genuine is the path to authenticity. By acting according to how you feel is to have the courage to experience yourself through the mirror of others. It’s acknowledging your truth, right or wrong, and allowing the experience of honest expression to unfold within your life. Self-honesty. To BE any other way is to withhold yourself and become trapped in the opinions and assumptions of others. Self-deception.


One who is genuine may or may not be authentic.

One who is authentic is always genuine.


Chakra Sacred Geometry Mandalas


I KNOW – Sahasrara – Crown


I SEE – Ajna – Brow


I SPEAK – Vishuddha – Throat


I LOVE – Anahata – Heart


I DO – Manipura – Navel


I FEEL – Swadhisthana – Sacral


I AM – Muladhara – Root

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Love Is


Loving someone is the quality of the space within your heart you hold for them. That space is the quality of you. When you hold a high vibe space in your heart for someone, every action, every word, every thought, every feeling, is filtered through that space. Love is not limited to people. Love the planets. Love the stars. Love the galaxies. Love the universe. Love all beings who are sharing this experience together.

It starts by loving yourself.

Loving yourself enough to disallow negativity into your field.

Loving yourself enough to take care of your body which has to hold the high frequency of divine energy.

Loving yourself enough to let go of the past.

Loving yourself enough to let go of the future.

Loving yourself enough to step through the fire of honest self reflection and embody the courage to face fear and the determination to move forward.

Loving yourself enough to surrender control, surrender the ego, and live every moment from the heart space.


          Love is not an emotion.

          Love is not a thought.

          Love has no attachments.

          Love has no expectations.

          Love has no assumptions.

Love is not external.

Love is an inside experience that’s nourished and projected outward. It inspires compassion, brotherhood & sisterhood, and evokes joy.

It all starts within.

It simply is the quality of your heart and your ability to act from that space.


BE present, IN LOVE.


Artwork: GypsyH (Sherry)

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