Intuitive Process and the Clairs


Recently I’ve become very attuned to the process of “information downloading” as I experience it. I believe everyone has various degrees of the Clair’s and we utilize more than just one during a sudden burst of insight. It’s just a matter of recognizing the subtlety of how they each function in your particular energetic configuration.

My process:

Clair-audience – First I become aware of an internal conversation between multidimensional aspects of myself. These conversations are usually in a Socratic Dialogue format where one aspect is debating another, perhaps higher aspect, about an issue, general musing, or whatever information needs to be conveyed to the physical vessel. Direct answers are never given. The dialogue is like a series of riddles that need to be acknowledged where each one is a puzzle piece. The pieces of a puzzle come together as a concept(whole puzzle). Or better yet each pixel(riddle) within a digital image come together to form the picture. It sounds like a complicated process but it usually isn’t, it depends on my focus.

This is the process of extrapolating the concept(s) through internal, multidimensional dialogue.


Clairvoyance – Those concepts create indelible flashes of third-eye visual information or pictures that can be exceptionally detailed. These images are of a still nature as opposed to a moving picture or video. Each pixel of a digital image is packed with all the information to complete the whole picture.

This is the process of visionary awareness of all the pixels of information of a shown image.


Clair-cognizance – Knowing all the information that each pixel contains in each image all at once. Immediately following those images is an intense understanding as if all aspects of multidimensionality are in simultaneous agreement. An alignment of truth all the way “down”.

This is the process of knowing every pixel of information in the complete picture.


Clair-sentience – Almost concurrent with Clair-cognizance is the ineffable feeling of knowing. This feeling involves the emotional body to empower the knowing of images. This burst of emotion supports whatever the concept is that was conveyed. It could be any derivation of pain or joy.

This is the process of complimentary amplification of the knowing with a burst of emotion.


During these downloads, my entire body is electric especially the heart center which purrs just like a cat. The vibration ebbs and flows like a sine wave which feels like purring.

They do happen fast despite the seemingly complicated process. The power of them usually leave me in utter awe. The trick for me is to not get so astonished by the inflow of information that I break my focus, which happens sometimes. I’m getting better at not reacting and staying calm. Sometimes I catch myself imitating Edvard Munch’s The Scream during this process.The Scream - Edvard Munch

Once the Clair’s power the information to me, the physical self, a period of quiet, uninterrupted contemplation needs to ensue, directly afterward, where the opportunity for integration begins. If I don’t allow this period of contemplation, I risk losing the download by forgetting and so it doesn’t get totally pulled in.

This is my process when all 4 work together but downloads don’t have to be a concert of all 4 every time. Sometimes things within the external world can trigger 2 or 3 of them to pull info in. Music is a big source of trigger activity for me, or a chapter or even just a sentence from a magazine article or book. The universe chooses many ways to catch my attention. I can recognize when these are beginning so I usually just allow the process to unfold naturally.

I used the Clair’s as a framework to contain and describe to the best of my ability, within the constructs of language, how I experience downloads. How I really experience them is beyond language and everyday communication. I have found some forms of artistic expression in addition to writing is better than just writing alone but I continue to try and develop better ways to communicate the ineffable.

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