We Volunteers Made a Commitment


We Volunteers, mission oriented incarnates, who have chosen to assist Earth and all its inhabitants at this time, must move through fear of being public, stand in our authenticity, find our unique expression of creation, and honor our commitment to BE the conduit of Light and Love.

The time for being still is over.

The more we communicate with others, not only will we plant the seeds of cosmic growth wherever we go, but we will also be one step closer to reuniting with our true families.

This must happen. This will happen.

As we awaken individually, we will begin to recognize our unique blueprints, what our missions are, and initiate the process of finding those who share compatible/similar blueprints with their own unique piece to the family puzzle.

Trust and follow your heart. Courage.

These groups, or families, will work together in expressing their collective energy and mission. Strength in numbers. Cooperation. Movement.

As the groups grow into their collective missions, we will begin to notice how our family mission connects to this family and that family and eventually one united collective of all the Volunteers will instigate the final changes to eradicate the remaining vestiges of old and solidify/unify the New Earth. Solidarity. Unity.

The Hundredth Monkey Effect is on, critical mass, waiting for individuals to coalesce into groups, then into larger groups, and so on. Just like souls moving back into groups and so on back to Source.

As Above, So Below.

Come on Volunteers. Wait. No. More.

YOU know who YOU are. BE what YOU are.

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