I was driving to the park in the late afternoon, the sun at that perfect angle, illuminating everything in pink-orange light, casting long shadows.

As I was driving along, the sun was blinking through the winter barren trees in hypnotic repetition begging me to stare.

So I did.

Blink blink blink blink.

As I stared at the sun I instantly felt a rush of emotion charged energy fill my chest connecting me to mother Gaia. Heart glowing. Ablaze. Radiating.

Sunlight bathing the trees peeking through to touch my face. I smile. Tears.

I thought, how can any human being walking the face of this beautiful planet see what I’m seeing and not be absolutely astonished and overwhelmed with joy?

I realized the utter presence of the moment and thought how blissful it is to be fully aware of being alive and in the moment.


I thought being present really is like a present from the Universe.


A gift from Beloved Creator.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in


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