Ancient Spiritual Cultures and the Volunteers


When I was young, I used to wonder why Tibetan monks, and other spiritually oriented cultures, would live their entire lives in seclusion, praying, chanting, rituals, and ceremonies. Why would people choose that life?

They, and many indigenous tribes around Earth, are the original anchors of this reality. They have been the holders of the frequency of light preventing Earth from falling into total destruction through the Kali Yuga. They have held this reality frequency, against the polar opposite of the strengthening darkness, for millennia, waiting for the Golden Age to arrive and the influx of light bearing incarnates to arrive to tilt the scale back to the light, and beyond. They have been in service to Earth, Humanity, and all Sentient Beings who reside in this realm.


They are the one’s owed a great deal of gratitude.


When Earth began her ascension and started raising her frequency, that was the signal for the mission oriented incarnates to arrive so they could raise their vibrations together, in tandem, in cooperation with Her.

World War II had placed humanity, Earth, and this entire realm, onto a major timeline for probable annihilation. The mission oriented incarnates remove negative timeline probabilities, by removing their own negative timelines, until total destruction is no longer possible. That has already been accomplished. However, as Earth continues to rise in vibration, and the polarities between light and dark become more extreme, a breaking point will happen where the two will part ways permanently, they will no longer be able to co-exist in the same vibrational reality. This will unfold in physicality as natural cataclysms and destruction as lower vibratory systems can no longer remain in Earth’s higher vibrations any longer.

The unknown is whether it will be gradual and spread out, or a compact jolt of extremes. That is the difference between how many of the mission oriented incarnates wake up, and how quickly they can increase their frequencies and light bearing ratios. That is the difference between how much of the dark will turn to the light. If a large ratio of the dark remain entrenched in increasing strength, a “snap” of a sudden jolt as the frequencies part will occur.

The populace who will remain on Earth are the ones who have consciously chosen to reach for the light and work with Earth and all her inhabitants in communion. They will continue to expand their consciousness and raise their energetic frequencies in tandem with Earth to co-create the New World.

The mission oriented incarnates who have chosen to remain after the shift will assist those who are not fully aware of what is happening, to teach them how to heal and raise their own frequencies.

Be aware of the quality of your Heart. Remove fear and negativity and stay in your Heart no matter what, that is the only place that is real, all else is illusion.

Rejoice, for all is truly perfect. There is no bad. Everyone makes their own choices and returns to Source in their own Divine timing.

There is only perfection.

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