Sacred Geometry Mandala – Crystalline Dream

This mandala is a 3D effect. For best viewing, move back from the screen 2-3 meters, 4-5 ft., in a darkened room. Imagine the light blue as glass and the center as a deepening crystal structure. It may take the eyes a few seconds to adjust to see it.

Play music video, click on mandala image to enlarge, enjoy!

Desert Dwellers – You Can See Forever (Aes Dana Remix)

Artwork – Rick Ruggles ( Fungi2bwith)

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6 thoughts on “Sacred Geometry Mandala – Crystalline Dream

  1. SKYLAR A says:

    For some reason your mandala reminds me of this picture, the bottom of the Eiffel Tower:
    Imagine your mandala to be the bottom of a beautiful structure….what would it look like?…;-)

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    • Fungi2bwith says:

      Oh wow that does look similar! I’ve been under the Eiffel Tower too and didn’t make that connection to the mandala. Interesting perspective;)

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    • Fungi2bwith says:

      Thanks for mentioning Jhadten’s art, I’ve never seen it before, beautiful, powerful. It’s interesting you’re connecting to the mandala the way you did. All of the mandalas are “channeled”. I’m in a high energy state when I make these. It’s an intuitive process from making the geometry to layering them with color gradients. Nothing is artificially added to enhance them, they just “pop out” during the process and I know they are finished. I couldn’t remake any one of them. They are all unique. I’m happy you’re connecting to them. This one above I connected with deeply. It’s my personal favorite;)))

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      • SKYLAR A says:

        Your creation process sounds very exciting and fun to me!
        Your mandalas look brighter every day and this one is definitely one of my favorites☺.
        It also brought back memories of an activation of a City of Light hologram by Jhadten I attended many years ago .
        And what happened back then makes even more sense now with everything that is going at the moment… so a lot of synchronicity indeed…
        It is amazing how powerful visuals, sounds and words can trigger us in numerous
        ways ;-).Thank you for sharing your beautiful work ☺!

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      • SKYLAR A says:

        (going on..;-)


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