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I was inspired by a friend to share this information as it was taken directly from an email correspondence. It took a few weeks to finally post it since I like to wait a little bit for any additional clarity or information.

During the holidays, 2015-2016, I went to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge on the east coast of Florida, my favorite place on Earth. I’ve been going there for 25 years and it’s been my sanctuary for peace and re-connection to nature. I had not been there for many years so I was very happy to be there.

When I left the refuge, completely re-energized, I felt HS come in, and I was guided to go to the old neighborhood I lived in, close to the refuge, and just drive through. On the way I was asked to take all the old roads I used to take when I lived there. When I contemplated as to why so specific, I was shown that I’m transmuting the old energy for my “past” self. What??

On my way home, I took an old familiar back road to get from Orlando, which is in Central Florida, back to the East Coast to avoid police when my friends and I would go drinking at Church Street Station in downtown Orlando. The first night I went there ( 25 years ago ) with new friends, we went to a club that served slushy mixed drinks made with everclear, 190 proof grain alcohol. The fruity frozen slurpees hid the alcohol well, needless to say we got severely drunk. My friends passed out in the car and I had an hour drive to make. I took that back country road. I was blind drunk. My reasoning during the drive was the faster I drive, the faster I will get home before I pass out. I drove 90-100 miles per hour all the way home with the windows down so I could put my head out into the wind when my vision started to disappear. I even clearly ( not because of the Everclear ) remember, consciously thinking the next day, how I must be so lucky to have made it without killing us and someone else or at least gone to jail.

As I was driving that road recently, I was shown that I was “cleaning” that drunk ride home by re-driving that road in my current high energetic state. I was told to consciously visualize protective energy for that drunk self and my friends for that drive home. My field moving through that road was anchoring that protective energy. The linearity of time is an illusion. My cleansing, in the NOW, of that road and the low energy of that drunken night is what gave me the protection on that past night. My future self protected my past self on a night when I should have died. I had an emotional release of that past energy. I was also reminded of how far I’ve come in this life and how beautiful this life truly is.

So by BEing NOW in my old energies, I was affecting my “old” life. What’s even more amazing is my “past” self had conscious thoughts about how “lucky” I always seem to be when others get into horrible situations doing the same things I’m doing. My “future” self is consciously transmuting the old past negative energy and changing it, and the “past” self is aware of it without being conscious of it. Whoa!

There is no time outside here as you know. When we raise our frequency in the now, we change the past timelines by energetically removing the worst case scenarios. We can consciously do this! We are doing this by becoming the masters we are. The Creators we are. We are changing our personal timelines and by doing that changing the collective timelines, galactic, universal, and so on back to Source. It spirals all the way upstream. AND BACK!

We are a spiralling fractal stream of Source consciousness, a composition of all our dimensional Selves, all our lives past, present, and future. What we do NOW affects the entire composition of not only our stream, but also everyone else’s.

Love is always the key. Stay centered in the Heart and ALL else flows from there. NOW.

Sound ~ Serkan Taştan ~ 432 Hz Cello Love 10

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Word ~ Rick Ruggles (Fungi2bwith)


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One thought on “Do it NOW

  1. Dayna says:

    “We are changing our personal timelines and by doing that changing the collective timelines, galactic, universal, and so on back to Source. It spirals all the way upstream. AND BACK!” I keep reading that over and over.

    I’m glad you listened to your friend. 🙂 Wonderful post.

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