Sacred Geometry Mandala – Stereograms

Stereoscopic Vision

3D Holographic Stereoscopic Mandalas ~ Audio/Visual Experience

Meditation Tool

Play video/music ( headphones best ), click on Mandala gallery to enlarge full-screen ( in the blueraymusings site, not the WP reader ),

Darken room, comfortably sit or lay away from the screen ( the further away from the screen, the stronger the effect ), let eyes blur ( Double Vision )

until both white dots merge, hold single dot until Mandala hologram appears, focus on center of mandala,

allow the trance state to deepen, feel music into body.

It can be difficult at first to do this but keep trying, once you do it, it becomes easier and easier. You have to be relaxed.

Slowly breathe/feel into the Heart Center, relax and go with it.

Music ~ Serkan Taştan ~ 432 Hz Mandola & Guitar Love 4

Artwork ~ Rick Ruggles (Fungi2bwith)

Method – The Mandala is created through an intuitive process in a high energy state, centered in the Heart. The geometry is created using a motion tracer, set into individual layers with gradient colors, and then mixed until the finished Mandala “pops” out. No additional shapes or colors are artificially added. The geometry totally produces the shapes and patterns that arise. The finished Mandala then “tells” me what its name is.

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2 thoughts on “Sacred Geometry Mandala – Stereograms

  1. Monica says:

    Great art! I’ve been lookinfg for sacred geometry stereograms. I am glad I found yours!


    • Hello Monica, Those stereograms I did back then were a step towards realizing the holographic nature of the Mandalas I was heading towards creating. You can view them at my new website :
      View them the same way you do a stereogram and they open up into a hologram. Doing meditation in this state accelerates connecting to higher states. Thanks for finding them.


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