Timelines and Blueprints


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Your field ( energetic aura ) manifests all the possibilities for YOU, creates all timelines, spiraling flows of possibility. YOU choose, with Intent, Will and Focus, which spiral you’re going to energize, create, experience. The lower ( fear, negativity ) the frequency of your field, the “matching” timelines of possibility will reflect. The higher ( love, positivity ) the frequency is, the “higher” the possibilities rendering the lower possibilities no longer possible because the energy for those is no longer available. When YOU have moved up ( UP – graded ) the spiral, new choices/possibilities are presented and the old have moved downstream, no longer energized. YOUR energetic state, vibration in the NOW, is creating the timelines available for you to choose within your current Blueprint.

Free Will IS the ability to choose your experience, however, those choices are simultaneously finite and infinite. You make choices within the confines of your energetic state of BEing, your Blueprint. Blueprints are energetic sheaths within your auric field that have specific vibrational patterns to provide a template to a specific experience for the sake of growing. A Blueprint YOU chose before incarnating on Earth. As we raise our vibration, we “match” these dormant layers and unlock or “activate” them into expression. They provide the arena of choices, the stage of experiences. Timelines.

For example, your Blueprint is the finite parameters of choices you can make until the “lesson” is integrated. If you decide, as an energetic being, a soul, you could not sufficiently grow until you complete more lessons/experiences of Forgiveness, karmic absolvement, you would be blueprinted for Forgiveness and your field would attract those experiences into your life. You can make all the choices you desire within that template, but until you integrate those lessons, you do not get another set of choices. In this life or any other. The numbers between 1 to 2 are finite, however, they are infinite as well. 1.01, 1.001, 1.0001, 1.00001, ad infinitum. Just as mathematical Limits in Calculus. You can make all the choices you wish, within those parameters, until you get “tired” of that sandbox, and then eventually YOU will decide to acknowledge the lessons, integrate, and play in another sandbox. That integration will raise your vibration and another Blueprint will unlock as a result of that increase in frequency. And so on, and so on, one step closer back to Source.

Individual Free Will within Divine Will. Not in alignment, loop within the same sandbox. In alignment, move up/forward.

So you see, you do have Free Will to make all the choices you desire, but only within the self-imposed confined arena of your present evolution. Every BEing in the Cosmos is following the same Blueprint breadcrumb trail back to Source. We truly are ALL in this together as we are all ONE.

Some may want to say, “How do you know this information?”

I say, I experience IT inside. The world of the senses is not the greater reality. I AM consciously experiencing the evolution of humanity within, and it’s more real than external reality. IT is experiential, an inside process that cannot be “proven” with external information only. IT cannot be thought into validation, only felt through intuitive faculties centered within the vortex of the Heart.

IT is within each and every one of US. We only have to desire to seek IT once the external world no longer satisfies.

There are many doors/portals to new Timelines, available to ALL of us to open when we finally tire of the world as we have been experiencing it.

“What is the key then?”, one might ask.

LOVE. The Universal frequency of Source energy.


Sound ~ Desert Dwellers – You Can See Forever (Ether Mix)

Visual ~ Thelma Stanford (Thelma1)

Word ~ Rick Ruggles (Fungi2bwith)



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