Sacred Geometry Mandala – Portal


3D Holographic Mandala ~ Audio/Visual Experience

Meditation Tool

Play video/music ( headphones best ), click on Mandala to enlarge full-screen ( in the blueraymusings site, not the WP reader ),

Darken room, comfortably sit or lay away from the screen ( the further away from the screen, the stronger the effect ), fix gaze on the center of the Mandala, relax into the trance state and allow the holographic effect to appear.

Slowly breathe/feel into the Heart Center, relax and go with it.

And…….Don’t forget to smile!

This Mandala is a visual representation of Cosmic energy patterns of harmonic,  proportional geometric shapes and gradient colors designed to trigger a connection of  the conscious mind with higher aspects of hyper-dimensional awareness. Even if the art and words make little sense to the conscious-mind-personality, your higher aspects of awareness are triggered into spreading this information through the “pipeline” which also encompasses the “lower” conscious mind. Your super conscious mind, or multi-dimensional composition, is always seeping information “down” into the waking conscious mind in perpetual attempts to wake up to the true nature of your Earth Human experience within the Omniverse and Oneness of ALL.

Spirit is WHAT I AM, form is WHO I AM,

Spirit needs form to know itself,

Form needs spirit to direct itself,


The human body is the portal, the bridge, the instrument

of expressing Source energy into this Earth realm

through our powers of manifestation.

Within all form is a spherical field, Torus, which simultaneously,

expands and contracts in onto itself,

creating the fractal nature of cosmic order,

which informs the many of the whole and the whole of the many,

the ONENESS of existence.

Spirals are motion within toridal fields.

The propellant of the toriodal nature of the patterns within form is spinning geometric light/energy,

Star Tetrahedron

whose origins are the thoughts of Creator Beings we are fractal expressions of.

Through this perpetual information exchange, everything in form is connected

to everything else within form on a quantum level.

We have the power to embody and integrate this quantum intelligence, on a conscious level,

and express IT through our conscious actions.

We currently experience this hyper-dimensional connection as telepathy,

and other “psychic” phenomena, however,

this pales in comparison to what we can potentially DO within this human physical vessel.

Within this current timeline, humans WILL BE able to consciously

manifest abilities we cannot presently comprehend.


With the elimination of fear programming and the willingness to step into the unknown

within the alignment of divine order, we will manifest these dormant

skills and re-create our reality with peace, love, and unity,

through the portal of the Human BEing.


Sound ~ Jani R – Story

Artwork & Word ~ Rick Ruggles (Fungi2bwith)

Method – The Mandala is created through an intuitive process in a high energy state, centered in the Heart. The geometry is created using a motion tracer, set into individual layers with gradient colors, and then mixed until the finished Mandala “pops” out. No additional shapes or colors are artificially added. The geometry totally produces the shapes and patterns that arise. The finished Mandala then “tells” me what its name is.



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