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Sacred Geometry Mandala – Gratitude


3D Holographic Mandala ~ Audio/Visual Experience

Meditation Tool

Play video/music ( headphones best ), click on Mandala to enlarge full-screen ( in the blueraymusings site, not the WP reader ),

Darken room, comfortably sit or lay away from the screen ( the further away from the screen, the stronger the effect ), fix gaze on the center of the Mandala, relax into the trance state and allow the holographic effect to appear.

Slowly breathe/feel into the Heart Center, relax and go with it.

And…….Don’t forget to smile!

Grateful Attitude

Beloved Creator,

Thank you for this life, the grand experience it has been,

Thank you for my my family, we get closer everyday,

Thank you for all who have participated in my life, big and small,

Thank you for my beloved dog Nico, my best friend and serial kisser,

Thank you for my Divine Counterpart, whom I learn more from than she knows,

Thank you for my Twin Soul, who challenges me to surpass my limitations,

Thank you Skylar for your continued support of my blog,

Thank you for all the beautiful Earthlings who are our companions,

Thank you Mother Gaia whose planetary body is our arena for this life,

Thank you for my good health, the more I age, the stronger I become,

Thank you for all the material abundance I need and want,

I AM truly thankful and blessed for all I have,

I strive everyday to hold a space of loving gratitude,

Grateful Attitude.


Sound ~ Michael Harris – Growth

Artwork & Word ~ Rick Ruggles (Fungi2bwith)

Method – The Mandala is created through an intuitive process in a high energy state, centered in the Heart. The geometry is created using a motion tracer, set into individual layers with gradient colors, and then mixed until the finished Mandala “pops” out. No additional shapes or colors are artificially added. The geometry totally produces the shapes and patterns that arise. The finished Mandala then “tells” me what its name is.


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